A Little Bit About Swings

Originating in Buffalo, New York Specialty Wings or Swings is Buffalo 1st Chicken Wings Specialist. Specializing in Chicken Wing Sauces & Flavored Toppings Swings is a 5 time National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival Winner, (2003, '04, '05, '07, '09). So Why just have "Wings" when you can have "Swings Specialty Wings" made especially for the Chicken Wing Lover.

Swings was not the first to make wings in Buffalo, NY but is the first to specialize in making Buffalo Wings by way of creating and offering an array of Sauces and Flavored Topping. Swings begin in 2002 at 3331 Bailey Ave operating 100 sq ft. In 2004 Swings partnered with Blassdell Pizza and moved to a 1500 sq ft. facility at 1153 Broadway. In 2005 Swings moved back to Bailey to occupy a 600 sq. ft. space at 3204 Bailey. In 2012 Swings moved into its current location at 2280 Fillmore Ave at the corner of Rodney Ave. Swings not only has 18 amazing varieties of chicken wings but also serves, Burgers, Hot Dog, Sausages, Taco's & Fresh Cut Potatoes Fries.

While others have followed suit, there is only 1 Chicken Wing Specialist. Considered the "diamond standard" of chicken wing sauces & toppings. Tantalize your taste buds with our five time National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival winners, and try all our award worthie products.

So again Why settle for just buffalo wings when you can have Swings Specialty Wings made especially for the chicken wing lover??