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Wings | 5 Pounds


(40-50) Jumbo Wings or (50-60) Party Wings come with five wing flavors and either five ranch or blue cheese.

Wing Types (Select 1):Jumbo (8-10 Wings per pound) Party (10-12 Wings per pound)
Cooking Style (Select 1):Regular Crispy Extra Crispy Country Fried +$2
Wing Flavors (Select 5):Mild Medium Hot 2 Hott BBQ Hickory Smoked BBQ Honey BBQ Spicy Honey BBQ Swavetta's Garlic Butter Garlic Parmesan Honey Garlic Italian Italian Parmesan Lemon Pepper Taco Mild Taco Medium Taco Hot Cajun The Swing Wing Swing Catchatori Swing Parmesan
Dipping Sauce (Select 5):Ranch Blue Cheese No Dipping Sauce
Sides (Optional):Fries +$3Onion Rings +$3.99
Drinks (Optional):Can Drink +$1Liters +$3
Additional Wing Flavor (Optional):BBQ +$1Hickory Smoked BBQ +$1Honey BBQ +$1Spicy Honey BBQ +$1Swavetta's +$1Garlic Butter +$1Garlic Parmesan +$1Honey Garlic +$1Italian +$1Italian Parmesan +$1Lemon Pepper +$1Taco-Mild +$1Taco-Medium +$1Taco-Hot +$1Cajun +$1The Swing Wing +$1Swing Catchatori +$1Swing Parmesan +$1
Additional Dipping Sauce (Optional):Ranch Blue Cheese
Wing Add Ons (Optional):All Flats +$1.50All Drums +$1.50
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